This event, led by Barbi & Terry Franklin, is an interactive worship and prayer gathering for revival and awakening in your church or city. It includes stories from past revivals (The Great Awakening, Welsh Revival, etc.) as well as current examples of revival worldwide. It will encourage your church or city to pray until true revival and awakening comes.


THESE gatherings can be preceded by barbi and terry’s teaching on the power of corporate prayer and worship, designed to educate and inspire your church and city to be a house of prayer for all nations… …the beginning, or continuation, of a new movement of fasting and prayer in your city and region. 

Thank you for your ministry. I used the word ‘minister’ conscientiously because that is exactly what you
did. Your servant-like spirits definitely touched and blessed our hearts. The comments and songs that you
shared were a special blessing to me and an encouragement to my spirit… words fitly spoken in a time of
— Fredricton, N. B.


Our vision is that through these worship and prayer gatherings, you and your community will be ignited by God’s manifest Presence. We are praying that churches will be “houses of prayer” once again, and that cities and regions will ultimately experience revival and awakening, just as Barbi and Terry have seen around the world.

...Many who attended are already saying it was ‘Spirit-filled’, ‘awesome’, ‘it had the pouring out of God’s love’, ‘there was a softness to everyone’s spirit afterwards’, ‘thankful for the call down front - we needed that’. Even our pastor seems refreshed and energized in the Spirit. — Jackson, Michigan